Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

1. All articles are carried at owner’s risk and the Carrier accepts no liability for loss or damage to such property or any consequential loss or damage arising therefrom.

2. All charges are levied according to mass or volume per consignment (whichever is the greater) and not by value of the article/s carried unless agreed to the contrary.

3. Without derogating from the provisions of clause 1, should it nevertheless be held that the Carrier has been negligent in any manner and is liable for any loss and/or damage:

 3.1 Liability shall be limited to R100 (vat incl.) per kilogram to a maximum of R3 000 (vat incl.) per consignment carried, but in all cases shall not exceed the actual manufactured cost of the article/s or the mutually agreed cost of repairs.

4. Whilst the Carrier undertakes to use all reasonable endeavours to effect delivery of any goods at its receiving terminus, depot or any address at the time advertised or promised by the Carrier, the Carrier does not guarantee that such goods will in fact be delivered at such advertised times and without prejudice to the afore-going limitations on the Carrier’s liability, the Carrier disclaims any and all liability for any consequence arising from the late delivery of such goods.

5. All goods will be shipped within 48 working hours or 6 week days due to availability of stock.