Nemtec Electric Fence Light-Coastal use

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Nemtec Electric Fence Light-Coastal use

  • The fence light is installed between the earth and live wire to indicate the status and condition of the fence for peace of mind

    • Fence light stainless steel wire for coastal use
    • Easy to installed between any earth and live wires
  • The electric fence light is installed directly onto the electric fence and will pulse every time the energizer pulses, showing at a quick glance that there is power on the fence.
  • Install it on your electric fence to indicate power status for peace of mind
  • One directional viewing angle, allowing the light to shine into the secure area only. The status is not visible to external areas
  • Working voltage between 3 kV and 12 kV approximately
  • Dual stage design allows the intensity on the light to increase as the voltage on the fence increases, giving a better indication of how much voltage is on the fence
  • Can be used with most electric fence energizers
  • Model: N.ESR-FL/HVL4SS
  • Manufacturer: NEMTEK

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