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ET Infra-red Blue Eyes gate safety beam set (E.00434-001)

ET Infra-red Blue Eyes gate safety beam set


  • Operating voltage 12 to 24 AC or DC
  • Surface mount
  • Sealed lens
  • 10 metre range
  • Selectable normally open/normally closed relay output
Price Excludes vat.
centurion i5 infrared gate safety beam set
Centurion i5 Infrared gate safety beam set (CE.I5V3)

Centurion i5 Infrared gate safety beam set

Enhanced security features such as automatic closing, designed to ensure that the gates will always close automatically, are not recommended to be activated without the use of safety beams.

i5 infrared beams from CENTURION are simple to align, extremely reliable and boasts an operating range of up to 40m. It can be used on gates, garage doors, and even for simple perimeter protection.

The i5 beams are compatible with supply voltages from 12 to 40V DC. These versatile beams can be used on almost any gate or access automation equipment found in the market.

Main features

  • Easy to align
    With a massive 9m2 (3m x 3m) alignment area, the CENTURION i5 infrared beams practically aligns themselves! No more battling onsite with beams that simply won't align - the wide beeam cast by the i5 transmitter makes this formerly painful process an absolute dream!
  • Highly cost-effective
    One can't put a price on safety - but you'll be happy to know that CENTURION i5 beams deliver a highly cost-effective detection solution. With these CENTURIONs installed, your gate won't break your car and it won't break the bank either!
  • Easy commissioning thanks to LED indicators
    Both the transmitter and receiver are fitted with a green LED indicator to help you quickly and effortlessly commission the system and also helps you with any diagnostic exercises.
  • Suits even the widest of entrances
    i5 beams work over a distance of up to 40m, making it suitable for even very wide entrances. No matter how big the entrance, nothing is getting past i5!
  • Compatible with Intruder-detection Alarms
    Safety and security has always gone hand in hand, and i5 infrared gate safety beams further enhances this happy union via full compatibility with the Intruder-detection Alarms (a world first) found on certain CENTURION operators.
  • Wide power input range
    offers you the freedom to use the power supply most suited for your application. It's automated gate safety without limitations!
Price Excludes vat.
Wave Semi-Wireless Transmitter Safety Beams (E.02448-000)

Wave Semi-Wireless Transmitter Safety Beams

A new WAVE in Infra-red Safety Beams

Easy installation with wireless transmitter and mechanical tilt alignment feature.
A contemporary, stylish and weatherproof design with an industry first - a built in LED courtesy light.

        Easy installation:
  • No requirement for parrallel mounting surfaces - built-in mechanical tilt adjustment up to 32 degrees for easy alignment
  • Alignment assistance via either buzzer (dip-switch selectable) and/or light module.
  • Wireless battery-operated transmitter, so no need for cabling across driveway.easy multiple beam setup - 2 independant channels to prevent cross talk, dip-switch selectable.
        Courtesy light module: - standard built-in LED Courtesy Light with various switching options.
  • Open / Close Courtesy Light
  • gate / Door Operator Status Indicator, i.e. AC Power Fail, Low Battery, Gate Jam and many more.
  • Conveniently connects to ET Nice Control Cards

       Efficient design with long battery life:
  • Easy Dip-switch selectable power mode for battery life up to 3 years
  • Battery low audible indicator

  • Gate monitoring, Garage Door monitoring, Intruder detection, visitor notification plus many more.
  • Compatible with ET Nice Products and most other Gate Operators, Garage Door Operators and Intruder Alarm Systems.

Contemporary and stylish weatherproof design.
Technical Specifications:
Standard Mode - Operating Distance6m
Standard Mode - Expected Battery Life3 years
Boost Mode - Operating Distance12m
Boost Mode - Expected Battery Life1 year
Receiver Power Supply10-30 Vac/dc
Transmitter Power Supply1 x 3V DC CR123A Battery (Supplied)
Receiver Power Consumption28mA (@ 12Vdc)
Selectable Transmission Channels2
Courtesy Light ModuleStandard - LED
Output ContactN/C and N/O, Potential Free Contact: "dead man fallout"
Output Contact Rating2A @ 30V Dc Non Inductive
Alignment Area1m2 @ 10m. Parallel Mounting Surfaces not required. Mechanical Tilt Function - Adjustable up tp 32 Degrees
Operating Temperature-10'C / +50'C
Ingress ProtectionIP 44
Dimensions105 x 50 x 40mm
Price excludes vat
centurion photon wireless infrared gate safety beam set
Centurion Photon part wireless infrared safety beam set (CE.PHOTON1V1)

Centurion Photon part wireless infrared safety beam set




Safety has never been so quick and easy – thanks to wireless technology! Introducing CENTURION’s new Photon infrared gate safety beam with a wireless transmitter. Photon makes short work of achieving a safe automation system for even the most challenging of installations.
With a wireless transmitter there’s no need to tunnel under the driveway. Simply align, attach and you’re away!

The transmitter is completely wireless – being powered via two AA Alkaline batteries – obviating the need for tunnelling and digging and subsequent defacement of one’s driveway for the purpose of running cables.  Not only does this arrangement allow for significant flexibility and fewer restrictions when it comes to mounting the beams, but it dramatically reduces material and labour costs.

Main features

  • Wireless transmitter
    So you want the ultimate in gate safety, but don’t necessarily want to ruin your beautiful cobblestone driveway to get it.  No problem!  The Photon infrared gate safety beams makes use of a completely wireless transmitter, allowing you to leave tunnelling and burrowing to the moles and saving you precious time and money.
  • Easy on the eye
    Who says safe can’t be sexy? Photon is only 50mm wide, making it unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. With sleek curves and attractive slim-line construction, these CENTURIONs are sure to enhance the aesthetics of any entrance lucky enough to be protected by them.
  • Fully weatherproof enclosure
    Mother Nature is a fickle dame, that much is true, but luckily Photon’s fully weatherproof enclosure ensures that the electronics will never bear the brunt of her outbursts. Oh, and did we mention that it’s ant-proof too?
  • Long-distance performer
    “No limits” is the maxim by which we engineered our semi-wireless safety beams and, with a 10m operating range, Photon is ideal for almost any entrance gate.
  • Compatible with Intruder-detection Alarms
    Safety and security has always gone hand in hand, and Photon infrared gate safety beams further enhance this happy union via full compatibility with the Intruder-detection Alarms (a world first) found on certain CENTURION operators.
  • Low power consumption
    The wireless transmitter beam requires only two AA batteries (included in the kit) to deliver five years of reliable operation. Low current-draw throughout the system means greater efficiency and a longer battery life, so you’ll have reliable automated gate safety for years to come.
Price Excludes vat.
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