Advantages of owning a KitWatch
  1. Water resistant watch designed to clandestinely set off your alarm
  2. Removes the need for a bulky handheld remote control.
  3. No more bulky mess attached to your bunch of keys.
  4. Replaces the need for out of reach panic buttons and remote controls
  5. Once off cost. No monthly fees.
  6. A single receiver can be connected to as many as 128 watches which makes it ideal for companies and residential complexes
  7. Watch comes with a 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty.
  8. No charging required. ( Battery Life 2 years)
  9. Your children, old/frail/ill family members, care givers / workers who are at home will very quickly be able to set off and alert you and the protection authorities in the event of an emergency situation in a short space of time.
  10. Increases the speed of communication with your armed response.
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